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Blinds, roller shutters, awnings and insect screens

  • largest manufacturer of shading technology in the Czech Republic
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PROTAL - World's top external blind

A reinforced slat, all-metal mechanism for tilting and retracting slats in guide rails, safety systems to prevent unwanted release of the plate and crushing of objects under the plate, are the major advantages of these exclusive blinds.

Shading technology

Controls room temperature in a healthy and natural way. Up to 8% of children suffer from all-year-round asthma. Often, the cause is the use of an unsuitable air-conditioning system.

External blinds

The most popular and effective external shading system. It absorbs sunlight before it enters your room. Allows smooth light flow control. Eliminates room overheating.

CLIMAX external roller shutters

High-quality sleep is necessary for everyday rest. Insomnia and fatigue will make you tired and will weaken your immune system.

'To get a good night's sleep, you need to consider many factors, including complete darkness in your room.'

Roller shutters

Offer superb sunlight protection for your interior. They significantly improve the insulation properties of windows and protect them from harmful weather conditions, thus extending their service life. Excellent noise absorption properties.

External roller shutters

Stop annoying noises from entering your room. Silence positively affects your entire nervous system and psyche, which is a foundation for your wellbeing.


Represent a distinctive external component which completes the appearance of buildings and gardens. Suitable for shading larger areas, terraces, balconies and shop windows. The large range of colours allows you to choose an awning that will perfectly match any façade.

Pergolas, conservatory shading

Terraces and conservatories of family houses are becoming increasingly popular for relaxation. Climax shading gives such places a feeling of security.

Facade awnings

These outdoor shades represent a very interesting variation to exterior blinds or roller blinds. The systems ensure excellent shading and look great thanks to the rich selection of colour designs.

Insect screens

Offer protection against bothersome insects which could cause allergic reactions. Eliminate unpleasant insect buzzing and make your night peaceful.

Venetian blinds

The most popular sunlight protection system.
This system offers easy control, quick installation, minimum maintenance requirements, but most importantly, affordability. They can be installed on all types of windows and are easily controlled.

Interior fabric shading

An elegant and practical addition to any modern interior. Assortment of fabric roller blinds, pleated blinds, Japanese sliding panels and vertical blinds are available in many colours, styles and materials.

Insect screens

A practical accessory for your house or flat which will protect you against bothersome insects. They do not block the view from the window. Available for individual solutions based on specific requirements, with the emphasis on ease of control and functionality.

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Do not forget our extended warranty policy covering all our products!

Logo 4-year warrantyonly on CLIMAX products. We are confident and believe in our products and with a 4-year warranty you can be confident, too.




A trusted company dealing with shading technologies

Thanks to the certificate awarded by Association of Manufacturers of Shading Technology, we have demonstrated that our company is a reliable business partner.

We provide high-quality services and products, and strictly observe payment moral, etc.



Best Czech 100

For four years in a row now, SERVIS CLIMAX a.s. has received awards in a series of competition events called 'Best Czech 100', which is organized and announced by the pan-European company Comenius, focusing on culture, education, science and technical cooperation.




Powered by Somfy

SERVIS CLIMAX a.s. is a manufacturing company participating in a partnership programme called Powered by Somfy. Certification awards represent a guarantee that your requirements in terms of shading technology power drives will be successfully fulfilled. 




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I would like to briefly summarize our long-term cooperation in terms of shading technologies. Our company focuses on interior equipment and furnishings. We cooperate with a large number of manufacturers and suppliers. We included shading technology in our portfolio 8 years ago. 


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